I am a porn addict.

Yes, you read it right! But it was difficult writing it, rather I should say admitting it. Never have I ever shared this with anyone - because this topic is taboo. One can talk about alcohol addiction, tobacco¬†addiction, smoking, all of that, there are even treatment and recovery centers¬†for those, but porn - people are … Continue reading I am a porn addict.


The Confessions of a class topper

Excerpt - What a day to start writing ! The 21st century just turned 18 while I turned 20 ! So out of all the new year wishes, one caught my attention and it read 'Happy New Year and Happy birthday Topper'. I won't lie, it made my mind go like wow... is that how people remember me ? Well, I thought to myself, they would be pleased to know that now I am just like anyone else, I don't even like the field of study that I have chosen. But that gave me an idea to write. I have always wanted to, but meh, never gave it a shot I guess. So here's my first post ( or blog, I don't know what it's called ) - The confessions of a class topper. ( Click on the title to read the post )